The Drum Addict: Shyam Bhagat


Shyam Bhagat, self proclaimed drum addict, sets up shop several times per week on the 16th Mall.


Bhagat, 29 is a self proclaimed street artist.


Saturday February 4, 2017 Bhagat positions himself on the west side of 16th & California.  He’s a regular on the corner.



Bhagat, has no formal percussion training and has never performed live on a set of real drums.  One if his goals for this year is to learn.



The Virginia native has been playing “drums” on random objects since he was 8 years old.


Bhagat picks up the pace as a curious crowd gathers.


Giving money to a street performer was a first for 15 year old Amber.


Bagaht will not share how much he makes in a day, but is able to sustain himself by street performing and the work he does with his non-profit organization, Drum Addicts, where he provides after school workshops for elementary school children.


“People walk up to me looking at me like I’m crazy for a second, but usually they get into the groove before too long.” Bagaht said.


“I love playing, that’s why I do it.  I hope to show young kids that you can be great at anything.  Your only limitations are the ones that you set for yourself.”